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At Executives in Motion [EIM], we help you, as a senior-level professional, create a fulfilling career, whether you are in place or transitioning.

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Join EIM and exchange leads and referrals with other professionals who have wide fields of connections and influence in a variety of industries and functions.

Build Relationships

Message EIM members and spend the time together, virtually, to get to know one another at a deeper level. This is were the real magic of networking happens.

Access to Opportunities

Through your EIM network, access opportunities in the hidden job market and consider business ownership opportunities where appropriate.


EIM will be adding a platform to broaden your reach to include every person who has attended an EIM event and build lists of target employers based on your specific criteria.

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EIM Testimonials

Today I attended the first EIM meeting for the Chicago area. I have to admit I was a little skeptical going into another networking group, but by the end I was sold. The structure of the meeting was great and being a results driven group, leads and ideas were exchanged realtime. They leveraged the Zoom meeting and its technology to its fullest. At the end I received a full list of what we discussed, leads and new connections. I'll be back.

Mark Wolley

EIM Member - Chicago

I just spent about an hour going through your set of interview practice questions. I am doing so in preparation for an interview I have coming up in the next couple of days, and I find them an excellent and thorough preparation. Starting with the effort of having to record the answer and ending with reviewing and improving the answer, I cannot think of a better method to prepare. I feel better for my upcoming interview and I thank you for it.

Ivan PIttaluga

EIM Member

EIM has been very beneficial in meeting the needs of the senior level executive during their transitions. The networking group has allowed me to build some good contacts that will mutually benefit each of us as we progress through our careers. The monthly networking group supported by EIM is the first group I recommend to others who are early in their transition due to the positive nature and support everyone receives.

Steve Mathews

EIM Member

I think EIM is an excellent resource for any of your clients in transition and is quite economically priced. I would strongly recommend this program be regularly offered to other senior level Displaced Workers.

Keith Beveridge

EIM Member

Thanks EIM for offering such a well structured online lead generation meeting. Personally I feel it can be more effective than the in person meeting. The key advantage is all connections / leads offered by the participants are captured automatically in the Zoom public chatbox, which makes the info more accurate and complete. I highly recommend the event.

Gary Jing

EIM Member - Minnesota

Thanks again for inviting me to the Chicago EIM networking event. By far and away this was the best organized, best run, and most productive networking event I have ever been a part of.

Hats off to you, Scott and Wes for your organization, appropriate moderation and active participation.

Networking is certainly not a comfortable process for many of us, but your group structure and moderation removed many of the natural barriers and was highly productive. 

I am busy working on my list of follow-ups from the call and I am already looking forward to the next group event.

EIM Member

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