How To Develop The 10 Soft Skills You Need To Get Ahead In Your Career – Article Review

Why You Should Read: In their Sept 2019 article on “How To Develop The 10 Soft Skills You Need To Get Ahead In Your Career“, the authors point out that when you interview and in your new or present position, your technical skills are more than adequate to do the job. What makes you successful are developing a set of soft skills that are not quantifiable and yet are the difference maker between career success and advancement and stagnation.

If you want to get that new executive job, you must query the interviewer about these skills and make the case that you have the soft skills required. This article covers communication skills, listening skills, leadership, self-management, creative problem solving and much more, If you think you have all these skills already because of your pattern of executive success; this may be a good time to think about them once again.


Three Key Points About Soft SkillsNeed to Succeed in an Executive Job [Amongst the 10 in the Article]:


Communication skills: Whether verbal, non-verbal or written these are skills that can make or break an interview or an executive job performance. It costs little money to take a few business-writing courses or to practice your presentational skills in-front of a small group. This is where you can really blow away your competition and set yourself up for advancement.

Listening Skills: You want to develop trust in your peer group as an executive, the outside stakeholders or your own team. Develop the kind of active listening skills that show that you have empathy and seek to understand and respect the other person’s point of view. Demonstrate this during an executive job interview and it will go much further than relying on a sense of humor and charisma.

Leadership Skills: Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate people; knowing when to listen and when to act and having the ability to decide even when the outcome of your action is uncertain. Leadership requires integrity, the ability to have values and to act based on those values even when you are under stress or at risk in doing so.


Bottom Line: In all there are 10 skills covered in the article. The question is not what are the skills but how do you rate regarding them and what are your plans for improving where you are weak? Prepare for the soft skill “behavioral” questions you are bound to encounter during your executive job interviews. Set yourself apart in these soft skill areas and you will win the job offer. When in a job search, the “Video-Based Interview Practice Tool” provided to each member of Executives in Motion gives you a way great to practice before you are in an interview.

Robert Kaufman – EIM Central

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