The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: A Five-Step Structure – Article Review

Why You Should Read:The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: A Five-Step Structure” presents the best synopsis on the internet of what we at EIM consider required reading for anyone interesting in building their career through networking. This includes those who are in a job search, those who want to research and industry or a specific type of business ownership opportunity. Read the short article but do not stop there. Buy and institute the process recommended by the book and you will give a great boost to your career and save you and everyone you network with a lot of time.

Key Points:
The co-author, Nathan Perez, walks you through the five simple steps that make up proper job search networking meetings. Perez also demonstrates the 20-minute networking meeting process with examples.

  1. The Great First Impression
  2. The Great Overview
  3. The Great Discussion
  4. The Great Ending
  5. The Great Follow-Up

Click here to watch Nathan’s video presentation.

Bottom Line: If you are serious about building a professional career you must read and institute the ideas in this book. Does it really have to be 20 minutes? Well, you can always ask the person you are networking with how much time they can give you but, when in doubt, keep it short, structured and get to the point. This article and the book, with a great more detail, give you a road map for doing just that.

Robert Kaufman – EIM Central

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