40 Remote Work Stats to Know in 2020 – Article Review

Why you should read this:  You should read ”40 Remote Work Stats to Know in 2020” if you are going to be hiring people to work remotely, working remotely yourself or interviewing for a job that may require you to work remotely.  It presents the stats you need to know.  

Key Points: Here are the categories of statistics provided.  You must read the article for full impact.


  •       Remote Workforce Size
  •       Job Types of Remote Workers
  •       Remote Work Growth
  •       Recruiting and Job Retention
  •       Remote Employee Productivity and Behaviors
  •       Earnings and Benefits for Remote Work
  •       Remote Work Challenges


Bottom Line: While it’s good to address concerns of remote work as a boss or prospective employee, it’s also important to acknowledge that remote work isn’t going away any time soon. If anything, it’s expanding to more and more companies — especially with the growth of fast-paced telecommuting technologies, such as direct messengers or video chat software.

Robert Kaufman – EIM Central

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