An EIM Membership Can Help You Get to the Follow-up Interview and the Offer

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As a member of EIM, you have unlimited access to our Video-Based Interview Practice Tool.  Using this tool you can record short presentations [2 minutes], review your recording and re-record until you are satisfied with it’s professionalism. You can use this tool in many ways:

Remember, the idea is to get to the next interview and, eventually, the job offer. The best way to become an excellent interviewee is to practice. Using the video on your smartphone or laptop to hone your skill as an interviewee gives your best chance of getting to the offer.

Roger Federer spends much more time practicing his game than playing match. Lebron James practices his shot every day. If you want to become more like the Roger Federer and Lebron James of interviewing, you need to practice.

Beyond this great tool we provide you with profiles on executive career coaches around the country who can help you with a more powerful way to hone your skills at interviewing and our content library has a selection of articles and videos about interviewing.

The EIM Video-Based Practice Tool Can Help You