An EIM Membership Can Help You Network More Effectively

Networking for Jobs is the Most Effective Search Method for Finding Job Leads

According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University report, 70% of all jobs are found through networking. People do business with those they know and like. Nothing is more powerful when being considered for a job than having a referral from someone the hiring manager knows, likes and respects. This does not mean that you should not apply for jobs on-line but the majority of your time and energy should be spent in conversation with people who understand and appreciate your expertise and situation and are open to referring you to their field of influence when appropriate. Your job is to increase the value of your network and an EIM membership can help you do just that.

The more you can hone in on those who have the field of influence that can help directly, the better. In fact, if possible, it is great if you can find a few “angels” who will proactively make contacts on your behalf. Using the EIM Membership Directory will help you find people who are pre-committed to helping and who have senior-level and executive contacts. All you have to do is use the system to ask them for a brief “getting to know each other” meeting.

Once they say yes, the real work begins. You need to learn to be purposeful and organized in your networking efforts. Research into a new person’s background before you do the first meeting. Show that you have done your research. Do not waste the other person’s time. Be calm. Be gracious. Be warm but get down to business quickly. Use the phone whenever you can instead of requiring a face to face. This is especially true of a new connection. If you are face to face, ask them if it is okay if you take quick notes. Highlight any connections you share. During the first few minutes of your meeting you should set the agenda. Do not leave them guessing.

Present yourself in enough detail to be impressive and let them know in crystal clear terms what you want professionally out of the meeting. In their absolutely phenomenal book called “The 20 Minute Networking Meeting” the authors suggest that your purpose should be “to gather information and, if appropriate, gain a contact or two.” The 20 Minute Networking Meeting by Marcia Ballinger, PhD and Nathan A. Perez.

Make them work as little as possible to whittle it all down to the one or two things they can do that will help you succeed. Enclosing your EIM Video Bio will give them even more information than your membership profile plus you can use it with every email you send out to connections in your network. Give them ways to check you out if they are a complete stranger.

Practice your presentation until you get it down. 60-90 seconds should be enough. The EIM Video-Based Interview Practice Tool” is the best way we know of to practice your short professional presentation.

Once you have introduced yourself in this way, ask them a few open-ended questions that allow them get to know you in a deeper way and to think about how they might help you. Then, and this is important, ask them how you can help them. Remember, these are people who are probably also looking for help in a job search. If they ask for something and you can help, do so as quickly as possible. If they do not ask for your help, use the research you have done to find a way that you can say thanks in a way that is personal to them. You should send a thank you note by snail mail, but, if you want to develop a relationship you should also find a way to help them even if it’s nothing more than sending them an article you think they may find interesting. Finally, keep in contact by email with anyone you think might be helpful. You can do this by email but do not send out the same email to everyone. Make each email specific to the individual. The entire meeting should take no more than 20 minutes if they are not in a job search and 30 minutes if they are in a job search.

Remember, 80% of senior level jobs are never posted.

That is why it is so important that you develop a strategy and tactics to find jobs in the hidden job market. Through an EIM Content Library you will be provided with a set of networking tips, tactics and tools that allow you to develop the networking skills you will need. Plus, if you want professional help in your search [and we think you should at least consider it] we have affiliated career coaches who can help.

How an EIM Membership Will Help You Network More Effectively

As an Executives in Motion member, you can explore these benefits under the “Tools and Resources” area on the EIM website

EIM Membership Directory

Increase the number and quality of your connections

EIM Video-Based Interview Practice Tool

Hone your networking messages

EIM Video Bio

Provide your growing field of influence with a great snapshot of who you are and what kinds of opportunities and connections you seek.

EIM Content Library

Advice on a variety of networking and job search related issues

Affiliated Executive Career Coaches

To help you hone your skills so that your strategy, tactics and actions all work in consort to bring you the opportunity you want faster and more productively