An EIM Membership Will Help You Explore Business Ownership Opportunities More Thoroughly

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Perhaps you are at the stage in your career when you are tired of the corporate “rat race” and want to explore business ownership. History indicates that many professionals in a career or job transition at the senior or executive level will choose to shuck the corporate mantle and either buy or start a business of their own.

Buying or starting a business is a complex endeavor and so we provide our members with information and advisory expertise in a variety of areas.

Executives in Motion [EIM] has relationships with a variety of advisors in franchising, consulting, accounting, law, insurance, and banking and finance. Each has the kind of knowledge to make your transition into business ownership both productive and exceptional. In addition, as an EIM member, we will provide you with our content library which has articles and videos for the professional considering business ownership.

Business Ownership Areas Where an EIM Membership Can Help