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Why You Should Read: In “10 Best Ways to Get More Executive Job Interviews”, the author states that, unless you are in a truly exceptional position professionally, when you begin your job search, you are going to have to do a lot of work to get yourself into the position where the right employer with the right job at the right time becomes aware of your availability. This article gives you an outline of the 10 areas you must focus on to make your executive job search successful and get the job interviews that will turn into the offers you desire.

Three Key Points to Get More Executive Job Interviews [Amongst the 10 in the Article]: ·

  1. Do the Critical Initial Targeting and Research Work: You need to develop a list of companies or organizations that could have the executive job you want. Then, determine what kind of positions they are seeking at any point in time for which you might fit. Finally, find out who the key decision makers are and how you can connect with them. If you target 50 companies and only 5 of them have the right executive jobs at any particular time, you have to stay aware. This is not easy. Generally, you need a large network and a few key proactive angels to get this done. ·
  2. Identify the Right and Relevant Keywords: There are two possibilities when it comes to getting the right executive job interview for the right executive job: [1] you find the decision makers or [2] they find you. If you want them to find you, you must develop an on-line profile, resume and other supporting documents and online media that emphasizes the keywords that will bring a searcher to your online presence.
  3. Know Your Personal Brand: You need to link your functional, industrial and technical expertise to your softer skills, passions and values to generate the chemistry you need to get to the job interview and the offer. How you look, act and speak about yourself and others are key parts of this equation. All these aspects of your personal brand should shout out from your online presence: Interview me!!.

Bottom Line: If You Want More Job Interviews: Yes, some executive level jobs are found through job boards but the vast majority are hidden and you must do your daily work to expand your network, impress everyone with your potential and, in so doing, find the hidden job market where your next position resides. The use of one of our affiliated career coaches or other outside experts can be of help in this area.

Robert Kaufman – EIM Central

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