Business Ownership

History indicates that about 20% of professionals in a career or job transition at the senior or executive level will choose to shed the corporate mantel and either become an independent consultant, buy or start a business of their own, or both.

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. It is a big challenge and, for many of you, it will seem a daunting one. However, it can give you any number of personal, professional, and financial benefits. That is why reviewing your ownership options is a wise choice for many of our members.

Because buying or starting a business is a complex endeavor, at Executives in Motion [EIM] we provide our members with information and advisory expertise in the nine areas indicated in the box. When a bullet point has a representative link below you can go to that link to find more information on our content and advisors specific to that area.

EIM Content and Advisors Helps You in Key Areas of Exploring Business Ownership Opportunities

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