Career Decisions or Job Transition

Executives in Motion [EIM] is a membership organization and networking platform created to give you a basket of tools and resources to help you find a new job, change careers entirely or shuck the corporate grind and buy or start your own business. At EIM we are focused not only on you finding a great career opportunity but, also, in increasing your professional success once you are situated. We hope that you will join us.

Membership is geared specifically for professionals at the director through “C” level. Each member is screened for that experience. That’s why you must apply and be accepted before you can join.

Finding the right new career opportunity, no matter what direction you choose, is generally an extraordinarily complex endeavor requiring not only knowledge of the employment and capital markets but also self-knowledge, technical knowledge, presentation skills, emotional intelligence and just plain “street smarts”.

An EIM Membership Can Help With Your Career Transition:

  • Network more effectively
  • Find specific job information
  • Increase the probability of being called in for an interview
  • Get to the follow-up interview and offer
  • Negotiate offers more effectively
  • Hone your leadership skills and executive skill set
  • Explore business ownership opportunities more thoroughly

An EIM Membership Can Help With Your Career Transition

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