Career Strategy

When you are in a career or job search, it is valuable to spend some time in reflection on what you really want to accomplish from your search and on your overall strategy for reaching your goals. If you are like most senior-level and executive professionals creating a strategic plan before you begin your search in earnest will ultimately save you time and increase the value of the position you will find yourself in once you land.

The content in our content library and the support of one of our affiliated career coaches can help you accomplish this. In addition, if your end goal is now or becomes business ownership, we have other articles and affiliated advisors to help you.

Remember, beginning your networking and job applications or exploring specific business ownership opportunities right away may seem appropriate but we recommend you take the time to be strategic before you become tactical. In the box are a number of issues that you will probably deal with during the strategic part of you career or job search.

Some of Strategic Issues an EIM Membership Can Help You With During Your Career or Job Search

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