Coaching and Peer Grouping

An executive peer group is an advisory group specific to your business and career and tailored to your industry, company challenges and goals. In such a group you’ll receive advice from seasoned CEOs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The group may consist of individuals within a variety of functional expertises or it may consist of individuals all from one functional expertise area. Generally, there will be a leader of this group. Instead of a peer group you may choose to work with an individual small business coach.

As a member of EIM you will receive ideas and information from a variety of leaders of such peer groups and, if you want more in-depth support, we have affiliated sponsors available to assist you.

It's all up to you and you need advice from those who have been in your shoes

  • Customers Not Buying Fast Enough
  • Need to Share Equity with Your Team
  • Making a Critical Hire
  • Trouble Holding Your Team Accountable
  • Can’t Figure out How to Grow
  • Need a New Bonus Plan
  • Need to do an Acquisition
  • Think You Have a Talent
  • Problem Struggling to Delegate

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