You have questions, we have answers. Please check the questions below to learn more about Executives in Motion.

Protecting your personal information is very important to Executives in Motion.

Even though EIM isn’t required to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) compliant, we follow the GDPR guidelines in order to protect your information.

We don’t share your information with participating sponsors or any companies not related to the EIM Network. We will not sell or provide your information to any 3rd party sources. Your information is solely stored to allow EIM to help you in your career transition and/or networking efforts.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more detailed information how your information is stored and handled.

There are two ways.  First, you can do a search of the membership in any metro area in which you are interested.  In addition, you can contact the career transition consultant that sponsors EIM in any metro area in which you are interested and they may be able to help in any number of ways including inviting you to networking meetings as an out of town participant using on-line access.

In every metro area there are sponsoring specialists that can help you accomplish all this any much more.  Just explore the sponsorship area under tools and resources and find the sponsors in your metro area.

When you login to the website there is a link for a Password Reset in case you forget your password.

There is no need.  The entire membership directory is available to you regardless of the metro area you join under. If you are interested in networking or educational events that are taking place in other metro areas just look on the events calendar under the metro area in which you are interested.

Here are some of the ways:

  • LinkedIn is a general business/professional networking website.  Anyone can join LinkedIn.  EIM is a networking site for senior level professionals and executives. To join EIM you must have 10+ years of professional experience and a compensation level that has $120,000 or more over your last few years of work. Everything that is available to you through EIM including all the tools and resources, blog entries, videos, and hotlines are created to be of value to individuals with this level of experience.
  • With LinkedIn, if you want to see the entire profile of an individual and send them a private message, they must be a first level connection.  You can send a limited number of private messages to LinkedIn members who are not directly connected if you become a premium member, which is at least $59 per month.   With EIM, the entire profile of each member is available to you [unless they have chosen confidentiality] and you can send an unlimited number of private messages at no cost.
  • With LinkedIn you do not receive discounts for attending networking meetings and on other valuable tools and resources.  With EIM you do. The first is a “A Personalized Job Search Action Accountability Tool” called “Turn You Job Search Golden”.

EIM maintains a job board where any retained search firm or employer can list a an open position they are attempting to fill.  In addition, search firms and employers who do not wish to list a position publicly can contact EIM and we will search our membership for possible candidates.  Finally, if your interested in learning about open positions for which you might qualify but your are presently employed, you can keep your profile private and EIM central can still find you on a search and notify you when you might qualify for an open positions.  

No. But we do provide services to Executives Recruiters that can be of benefit to you.

What is much better than a bunch of job postings are real live people who have connections in your functional area and your industry.  We facilitate the ability for you to access those people who can really help you in your job search.  Starting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and building to have affiliates and sponsors in every major US metro area, EIM will have an affiliated executive career coach in each metro area who will conduct at least one networking meeting each month. These meetings are specifically designed to maximize their value to everyone attending and area limited to individuals with the level of experience required to be a member of EIM. Anyone may attend our meetings, but only members have access to our member database and members get a discount on the fee to attend.

Yes.  These breakdown into two broad areas:

  • Services for members interested in exploring business ownership either through franchising, buying an existing business or opening a consulting practice.
  • Services for members who are presently employed, not open to considering employment alternatives but who wish to keep their skills and knowledge base at the cutting edge of their profession.

Services include blog entries, articles, book reviews, webinars and seminars, plus access to our board of advisors in each metro area.

The membership at Executives in Motion is composed of director-level, vp or c-level professionals. Which means, people come to the group with a personal and professional network and in-depth experiential knowledge of their market, their industry and the region. In other words, they have information that may be valuable to someone else in the group. The sharing of this information, in context to what they hear at the meetings and read in the database about the search parameters of other members, is the objective of the organization.

Yes, please go to the Event Calendar, and sign up for the next meeting.

No. Meeting/Workgroup attendance is up to you.  However, our meetings are where much useful discussion and information exchange takes place. All members are encouraged to attend the meetings in the city in which they live as well as others throughout the U.S.

Yes, we occasionally have career workshops and membership forums, which usually entail a small fee.

For access to the robust set of tools and resources in this area take advantage of a charter membership with Executives in Motion today.