Finding and Hiring the Best Talent for Your Organization

One of the most important aspects of executive success is recruiting, hiring, managing and, if necessary firing talent. Using the best of processes the probability is not much more than 50% that the person will be a great fit.

As a member of EIM we will provide you with guidelines, strategies and tactics on how to hire, manage, promote, and fire managers and executives. Use this information to impress during the interview process and to succeed in your present or new position.

Areas of Concern in Hiring and Firing at the Executive Level


  • Sourcing
  • Evaluation
  • Packaging the Offer


  • Freedom vs Control
  • Transparency
  • Communication and Review Process


  • Recognizing and rewarding talent as soon as possible


  • Do it as soon as you have the data to validate the decision
  • Help the individual with support

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