EIM Tools and Resources

Executives in Motion has several Tools and Resources to help executive members in a career transition.

EIM Profile Page

Here is where you create your brand on Executives in Motion and communicate with other members who you are and what you are looking to accomplish during your transition.

This is a very detailed profile page and we ask that, as a member, you complete it in great detail. To get the most out of this network, you must complete your own profile in detail. This is important because your profile is how, initially, other members will find you and how you will win or lose them as a helpful guide and referral source.

EIM Membership Directory

Imagine the value of being in a network of senior level professionals from director to “C” level with a wide variety of industry and functional experience and connection to senior management in hordes of employers both in your metro area and nationwide.  Each member has been pre-screened and has stated their commitment to help each other during their transition. The entire membership is searchable on a variety of conditions. We suggest that you make a plan for using this tool to your advantage. For example, you might ask one person for 20 minutes of their time over the phone every day, other day or week.  Start doing these 20 minute networking meeting on a consistent basis and you will be surprised how valuable access to the membership can be.

EIM Membership Directory Image

EIM Advisory Services Directory

The majority of the members of Executives in Motion are looking for a full or interim position but, ultimately a good chunk of them will end up buying or starting a business.  No matter what your mission now or ultimately, Executives in Motion is amassing a top advisors in your metro area to help you. These include but are not limited to:

  • Career/Executive Coach
  • Franchise Broker
  • Business Brokers
  • Consultancy & Small Business Coaches
  • Legal and CPA Services for Small Business
  • Headshot Professionals
  • Image Consultants
  • Business Banking
  • Social Media &  Marketing Services
  • Website Services
  • Business Insurance Services
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Executives Suite Services
  • Employment Law

EIM VideoBio

Greatly enhances the speed and effectiveness of your networking during a job search.  Using your video recording function of your home or laptop computer, record a short video telling the viewer about your background, skills and expertise.  

Then attach your resume and other documentation and place a link to your videobio in every appropriate piece of digital communication you send and within the profiles you maintain in various databases like LinkedIn and Facebook.  Use it as a way to dynamically get the word out on your transitional goals and to gather recommendations and ideas for your contacts.

EIM Video Interview Practice Module

Greatly enhances your effectiveness during a job interview. Download our master list of the often asked and difficult questions you are likely to face during a job interview.  Then, using the video function on your home or laptop computer, record your answers and review and re-record until you a satisfied. 

Add new questions whenever you want. Finally, if you want, send your answers to your peers or your career/executive coach for their critique.  This is a great way to become an effective interviewee and increase your chance of getting the offer you want.

EIM Job Board

Hundreds of senior managerial and executive positions in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin are listed on the EIM Job Board with more being added consistently. Our job board gives you the ability to apply directly to the company plus you can set alerts so that you will be made aware anytime a position is placed on the job board what might interest you.  When an employer wants to search for candidates but does not want a listing on our job board, EIM will do a specialized confidential search of the membership for them.

EIM Premium Resume Customization Tool - Powered by Jobscan

Use the EIM Premium Resume Customization Tool in conjunction with the EIM Job Board.  When you find a job for which you want to apply, this tool compares your resume to the specific job description and gives you recommendations on how to change the text and design of your resume to increase the probability that your resume will be chosen by one of the variety of AI powered resume parsing and matching tools being used by employers. As an EIM member you get unlimited scans per month and can also scan cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

EIM Learning Center

Through the EIM Learning Center you will be walked step by step in the use of every application for both the basic and premium memberships.  Use this great tool to optimize the value of your membership. The applications covered are:

  • The EIM Profile Page
  • The EIM Member Directory
  • The EIM Advisory Services Directory
  • The EIM Video Bio [Premium Benefit]
  • The EIM Interview Practice Module [Premium Benefit]
  • The EIM Personal Accountability Spreadsheet [Premium Benefit]

EIM Job Search Accountability Tracking Tool

Keep track of your career search activities on a daily and weekly and store it all digitally.  The EIM Job Search Accountability Tracking Tool makes the process of tracking your progress over time easier and more effective.

EIM Monthly Networking Meetings

In each major metro area across America, Executives in Motion will have at least one affiliated career/executive coach.  This coach will hold a monthly networking meeting based on one of the most successful networking designs for senior level professionals and executives.  Once you join EIM you will be informed of all these meetings. We suggest you go to as many as possible. It is one of your best ways of connecting to that next opportunity.

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