Member Tools and Resources for Help in Your Career Transition

In every aspect of business, we need the best applications and platforms to achieve our business goals and objectives. Having the right tools help us make better decisions, plan and execute more effectively, organize our schedule along with day to day activities and measure productivity.

Executives in Motion provides you with premium tools and resources to help you maximize your job search efforts. Our online tools help you network with other EIM members in any industry; provide you with online tools to market yourself and your brand; measure your activities; and search an executive job board. 

EIM Sponsoring Advisors are resources who help you enter the next chapter of your career by setting the best course of action specific to you. Our advisors help you determine your next course of action, whether it is setting a career strategy; creating and marketing your brand; leadership development; determine if business ownership is right for you, and create and execute a plan for business success; or taking your wealth of business experience to start a consulting practice or firm.

A membership with Executives in Motion gives you access to these premium tools and resources that will help you create the next fulfilling chapter in your career.

EIM Tools & Resources To Help Your Thrive Both During a Job Transition or in Your Current Situation

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