Networking for Jobs is the Most Effective Search Method for Finding Job Leads

According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University report, 70% of all jobs are found through networking. People do business with those they know and like and nothing is more powerful when being considered for a job than a referral from someone the hiring manager knows and likes. This does not mean that you should not apply for jobs on-line but the majority of your time and energy should be spent in conversation with people who understand and appreciate your expertise and situation and are open to referring you to their field of influence when appropriate. In fact, it is great if you can find a few “angels” who will actively make contacts on your behalf.

Remember, 80% of senior level jobs are never posted.

That is why it is so important that you develop a strategy and tactics to find jobs in the hidden job market. Through an EIM membership you will be provided with a set of networking tips, tactics and tools that allow you to develop the networking skills you will need to succeed.

How an EIM Membership Will Help You Network More Effectively

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