Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement or Semi-Retirement

EIM works with senior and executive level professionals who are in some stage of job or career transition.  However, ultimately the last professional transition many of our members make is into retirement. Planning for retirement is a complex endeavor that includes not only a sound understanding of tax law and financial markets but also a deep understanding of who the individual is when their career is over.  It is an on-going quest that is achieved over 30-50 years and involves much self-reflection and technical knowledge.

For these reasons, Executives in Motion is building a roster of Retirement Planning Professionals across the country to help you plan for retirement. This includes helping you think more strategically and act more tactically when considering investing for retirement, exploring specific retirement planning opportunities that fit your situation.

Questions Our Members Have of Retirement Planning Professionals


  • When Should I Begin Taking Social Security?
  • How Long Will My Money Last?
  • How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?
  • Should I Buy an Annuity?
  • How Much Will I Spend?
  • How Will I Pay for Medical Expenses in Retirement?
  • Should I Take My Pension as a Lump Sum?

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