Putting an Executive Job Transition Into Crystal Clear Perspective

When in job transition at a senior or executive level the probability of your finding a position through a job board listing by an employer is around 30% and the more senior you are the lower that percentage becomes.  Tactical networking is, by far, your best chance for finding a new position. Your ability to follow a well thought out networking strategy will, if you are like most professionals, determine how quickly you will find your next position, the quality of that position as it relates to your objectives, your compensation and, ultimately, your promotability and sustainability within the organization. Becoming an expert at networking is not complex but that does not mean it is easy.  It takes a great roadmap, communication tools and dedicated practice by you.

You Are Like A Product Being Reintroduced to the Market

Imagine for just a moment that you are a Vice President of Marketing for a company that is bringing back a B to B product line that has not been available for the last decade.  Now this product is terrific but there is little to no product awareness of it out on the market. The brand must be re-established. In addition, as the person responsible for the successful marketing, you will be competing with many other products for the attention of your target companies.

  • Would you seek to establish a unique value proposition for your product?    
  • Would you like the support from a talented graphics department and a really great copywriter?
  • Would you establish a marketing plan for the product with minimum, doable and optimistic goals?
  • Would you expect to be held accountable for a set of activities that support the ultimate success of your plan and to report back to someone on your progress on a consistent basis?

The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes and more yeses.

Well you are the product and you better get your act together because the competition is getting theirs together.  Here is one last question:

“What kind of marketing budget would you want to make your success re-introducing this product to the market successful?”

Start by Establishing a Marketing Budget.

If you were working for a company bringing a still sound but somewhat forgotten product to market you would require 10% to 20% of your first years optimistic revenue goal at a minimum  That why you should establish a marketing budget of between 10% and 20% of your expected compensation for a new position. So, if your expected compensation is $200,000, you should budget $20,000 to $40,000 for the search.

Consider Hiring An Executive Career Coach  

At Executives in Motion, we recommend you consider hiring a private career/executive coach.  Generally, it will cost you less than one month’s compensation and you will tend to find a higher quality position faster than if you were without a coach.

{More About This in Our Next Blog Post}

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