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Become an EIM Affiliated Recruitment Firm in your Metro Area

Becoming an Executives in Motion [EIM] affiliated recruitment firm in your metro area can be a great generator of candidates for your client’s needs at very little cost to you. You EIM, is an online membership organization and networking platform exclusively for senior-level and executive professionals that are in the midst of a career or job transition. These are people who either can fill your open searches or know those who can.

Benefits for Your Recruiting Firm

Access to Top Executives

Access to executives from all industries that your firm can connect with

Executive Job Postings

Add jobs to our executive board

Reach Talent

Market your firm locally or nationally

EIM Services for Recruiter Firms

Recruiters Directory

A listing on the recruiter directory allows members to find your firm…

Executive Job Board

Place as many job listings for searches as you want confidentially on our Executive Job Board

Access to Executive Talent

Access to the members for various industries that are either looking or open to new opportunuties

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