Become an EIM Affiliated Sponsor in your Metro Area

Becoming an Executives in Motion [EIM] affiliated sponsor in your metro area can be a great client generator for your business as it promotes your services to local senior-level and executive professionals that are in the midst of a career or job transition.

How your business benefits by becoming an
EIM Affiliated Sponsor in your metro area.

EIM is an online membership organization and networking platform for senior-level and executive professionals that are in some stage of a job transition.  A strong percentage of our members never go back to work in corporate America.  Instead they buy or start a business.  Those that do opt back into corporate America are often the decision-makers for services at their new employer.  This is a great nest of prospects for your business.

Benefits of Becoming an EIM Affiliated Sponsor

Sponsor Directory

A profile listing with interactive features on our sponsor directory

Live Events & Webinars

Promote your live events and webinars to our membership

Proactive Outreach

When you furnish EIM with appropriate original content, your article will be featured along with a link to your profile.

Special Offers and Programs

When you have special offers and programs, promote them to our membership through our monthly newsletter.

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