Make Your Networking More Productive With a Video Bio

Executives in Motion is pleased to provide our members with the Video Bio platform.  A Video Bio page allows you to send an enhanced digital marketing page to peers, networking contacts and employers. This platform helps you to stand out from other candidates that are simply emailing their resumes.

Many job seekers are looking for ways to get a leg up on other candidates. Creating a digital marketing page using the Video Bio gives you that advantage.

One of the elements that makes a Video Bio stand out is its use of a short video to provide a more personal connection with the viewer. The power of this tool is that it presents you in your own voice telling the viewer about who you are professionally and the value you can deliver to a potential employer. Using this feature, you can elaborate about yourself and your career more than you can with a simple resume. You can record either a short 4 minute overview video or several shorter videos to go into detail about your accomplishments, skills, and work history.  Plus, there is more.

Additional elements you can include on your Video Bio Marketing Page:

  • File Viewer for Resumes and One-page Marketing Piece
    Links to Videos
  • Recommendations
  • Links to Websites and Portfolios

As a member of Executives in Motion, you will receive access to the Video Bio and can start creating a digital marketing page and give yourself a leg up on other candidates today. The EIM Learning Center will give you step by step instruction on how to complete this unique and effective personal marketing tool.

How a Video Bio Enhances Your Job Search

  • Promote what you can deliver to a potential employer more powerfully than a resume or LinkedIn Profile
  • Can be included as a link to all appropriate emails, InMails and Messages
  • Tell your story powerfully in your own voice
  • Gives you one four minute video and several shorter videos to tell your story
  • Record using your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Review and re-record until you are happy with the results
  • Display your resume plus any other relevant documents
  • Display your recommendations
  • Gather more recommendations and networking referrals

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